Kind Words


Kyle Cantrell Kind Grind

Kyle Cantrell Kind Grind


We have lots of Support at RnR and I just wanted to share some of the Words from our Customers.

When I first started rollin a year and a half ago, I almost never saw any other rollerbladers. Just skateboards and BMX’s. During that time the sport has taken back off here in OKC, due in large part to rec-n-roll’s founder Patrick. 

I am amazed at some of the talent here in Oklahoma, and more importantly the new blood. This week at our TTPT meeting there were at least 3 new bladers I’d never seen before skating with the other 8 or so that have become regulars. 

It has really started to blow up around here and I say the more the merrier! 

Way to go Patrick! “- Dave, OKC

I just got them today since I went back home for thanksgiving. They arrived in perfect condition along with the dvd and stickers. I really must say this has been one or THE best online transaction I’ve had. Thank you for the great service and prices as well as the free gifts. I have already talked to some friends about your site and I’m 100% sure I will be purchasing from you again.“- Ivan FL

Thanks for you support guys


1 Response to “Kind Words”

  1. 1 foot2big
    January 27, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    405 representing!

    Wish we were rolling tonite. Dang this ice storm!

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