New Deshi Carbon Pics

The conference is saying these will be in the US at the Beginning of April. Lets all keep out fingers crossed.

Here is some quotes for pro skaters about the new skate:

“My brother said on a be-mag post that that carbons were the closest feeling to normal movement in a skate he ever felt….

I thought that line was pretty powerful because I always felt having detachable liners created a feeling of numbness…I mean that in a sense that I was restricted from actually feeling my grinds and I just couldn’t move in them because I had all this excess material making my skate confined to limited movement….Carbons have no liner, their simply built with the perfect median of comfort…this is what allows carbons to be the only skate on the market that can resemble the size of a sneaker…I feel that part of rollerblading’s current unpopularity is due not only from skate boarder resentment but also to it’s look…..you can hate me for saying this but I personally dont think a bunch of kids in skinny jeans rolling around with huge looking tank blades on helps us appeal to outside masses…that makes rollerbladers look goofy and awkward to a person that doesn’t know anything about rollerblading….you see, Deshi is on the cutting edge of not only performance but fashion design as well for rollerbladers…the guys at Deshi really care about building a strong core appearance …we want to help rollerbladers look good with a promise that it will feel good….everyone needs to try these.”

Colin Kelso, Deshi Pro.

“I have been lucky enough to be involved since day one on this project and as I saw the skates evolve and pass through my hands it just made the frustration of not having my own pair worse and worse. Since getting a pair I have skated more than ever, feel more comfortable than ever, spent a fortune fixing my camera and just a surge of love for skating. I just feel so free on these things they make skating more fun. They are so small and close fitting, I can’t even imagine going back to a plastic skate with a padded liner and shared boot size, the idea just sounds ridiculous to me now!”

Oli Benet, Deshi.

“-Super light.
-Small, skinny, stylish look at.
-Very minimal design.
-A perfect liner, again very minimal, just enough for comfort.
-very responsive, goes back on the weight and the liners, the skate acts like a well fitted running shoe, where you go it goes, no worrying about slopping around in inches of unneeded lining, and no lugging around pounds of plastic. Very easy to control.
-Again a nice light minimal soul plate. usually I ride USD souls, but these are small and light enough..
-Kind of back to the flex, this skate has little to no heel lift. this is a very good thing. foot stays in place nicely.”

Dustin Werbeski, Deshi flow Canada.


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